John Cusack & Samuel L Jackson had a love child... it’d be Hanny. He’s your poet priest, your publican pastor... your cocktail mixing medicine man.  And, as luck would have it, he’s also your very own guide to all things LoveTown.  He ain’t afraid to tell it to ya’ straight to your face.... “because in the end, it’s always love that makes the man, baby”.

HANNY SAYS: ain’t easy being on the run from a cross-dressing love ninja...

HANNY SAYS: Son you way too young to piss anything away that badly.  Hell, I’m way too young to piss anything away that badly... I hope.

HANNY SAYS: ...God-shaped hole?!  That’s the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard.  You gotta hole big enough for ocean? Big enough for super novas and volcanoes?  You gotta hole big enough to hold the love of Romeo & Juliet or harness the power of the groove thing?  Huh-uh.  Can’t be done. God just is.  He is who we are.

HANNY SAYS: Love doesn’t play fair... Love will run you over and call the ambulance just so she can fix your heart on the way to the hospital.

HANNY SAYS:  Eskimos aren’t Russian...

HANNY SAYS:  Love plays dirty. Love’ll get you drunk, lead you out on the dance floor and take advantage of you before you know the day of the week.

HANNY SAYS:  The needle’s on the record baby...When that music plays you gotta dance or get off the floor.  It’s couples’ skate only...even when love plays the song you didn’t want to hear.

HANNY SAYS:  Love’s what makes the universe spin.  It IS the big bang.

HANNY SAYS:  When I was a younger man, my thoughts were so big I couldn’t fit ‘em in my mouth.  That’s when I started writing.  Now I write just so I won’t forget what I was thinking...

HANNY SAYS:  It’s funny how far we’ll go to hide from the truth.  You run and run till your heart explodes and you lose your breath.  Only to find the truth was tied to your ankle the whole time.

HANNY SAYS:  And that’s the backstory on love. Just when you think you’re the only one that hurts, you find out that your heartache is merely the only one you know.

HANNY SAYS:  We’re all giving and receiving pain all the time... Sometimes we know it.  Sometimes we don’t.

HANNY SAYS:  And love is no protection from pain either... Hell sometimes love is the very bully that shoves you into the pool of pain to begin with.

HANNY SAYS: it’s true- pain shapes us.  But it’s love... love that defines us.